Meet the members

We are part of the TSFA pupil leadership group. We are working together to raise awareness of environmental issues and help our fellow students become better global citizens. We aim to help others understand what needs to be done to save energy and reduce waste, improve biodiversity as well as value and preserve our natural resources.

Student members: Abi, Amad, Max, Harvey, Junaid, Natali, Ellison, Haider, Harry, Alfie

Staff Ambassadors and Governors: Justin Davies, Dan Whittall


I want us to recycle more, both to save energy and to stop the waste of precious resources.


Our world is precious. We all have one mission: protect it!


I am concerned about the degradation of natural habitats and want to raise awareness of this issue.


I want to educate others on climate change. It's our future and our responsibility to act now.


I am concerned about air pollution and the quality of the air that we breathe.


Change can happen. Working together and having clear environmental principles will make a real difference for our future.


I want to develop my own skills in working with others to have a positive environmental impact.

Mr Justin Davies

Time is running out to limit global temperature increases to 1.5⁰C so we must act now.

Dr Dan Whittall

As we step warily into the Anthropocene, teachers must grab every opportunity to enact education for sustainability.