Meet the members

Our committee is striving to empower and encourage our community to change the attitudes and behaviours that impact the environment. We are passionate about supporting and educating others to make better choices and raise environmental awareness by being role models and led by current research. Our drive is rooted in a love of animals and nature, the needless destruction of habitats needs to stop.

We are a small school but we plan to make a big impact.

Student members: Poppy, Will, Nhyira, Diana, Pheobe, Lucas, Isabella, Jagoda
Staff Ambassadors and Governors: Mr Simon Davies, Mrs Hayley Milthorpe, Nigel Leeder


Animals all over the world are suffering and we are the ones to stop it.


I care not about the extra effort it takes, but the impact it has on the natural world.


Selfishness has destroyed parts of the world, we must start putting the environment before our own interests.


I want the world to be a safer place for people to live in the future.


The world has changed over time and the time to act is now, before those changes are irreversible.


I want to research alternative options for plastic and enable recycling at school.


Humans apathetic behaviour is destroying the environment, this changes now.


I have big concerns about animals and how they are affected by global warming, I don’t want more animals becoming extinct.

Miss Milthorpe

I am excited to work with like-minded people and see the impact we can have.

Mr Davies

I am incredibly excited to have an opportunity to make a difference for future generations.