Meet the members

At Trinity Academy Leeds we strive to be positive citizens, role models and leave a lasting legacy in our community and beyond. The MAT Earthshot initiative encapsulates our core values and gives us a platform to trailblaze meaningful and positive projects to save our planet. Our generation must understand our significance in driving a decade of change. At TAL, we do. We are the figureheads of the climate revolution and we are committed to holding ourselves and others to account to ensure that we live and work sustainably. Our world is full of natural beauty and we are privileged to be its keepers. We must take our role seriously.

Student members: Abdullah, Phoebe, Sarah, Reda, Mustafa, Hamza, Blake, Tyler-James, Jasmine, Brooke, Ava-May, Shalom, Moram.
Staff Ambassadors and Governors: Mrs O’Hanlon, Ms Heath, Ms Kay, Mr Oliver Alcock.


It is time to make all places clean and healthy so everyone is safe.


The world should be a safe place for future generations. We need to make that the case.


Being a member of a council to solve climate change sounds small, but we will make a huge difference.


My biggest concern is the loss of wildlife. I am passionate about protecting natural habitats.


I joined Earthshot because I would like to save my planet is any way possible.


I don't want to see our planet slowly die, so I became an Earthshot Ambassador to make change.


I want to protect nature and wildlife. It is cruel that animals suffer for our benefit.


I became an Earthshot Ambassador so I could work with different people and groups to help solve the climate crisis.


My inspiration to join Earthshot I that I want to save the planet for future generations.


Many environmental activists such as Greta Thunberg inspire me to help save our planet by raising awareness.


I want to make a positive change to the planet and inspire others to do the same.


Pollution in the ocean inspired me to join Earthshot because I want marine life to be healthier.


I want to change the way we use plastic in our school and how we manage waste.


I want to heal the planet and help bring our oceans back to life.