Meet the members

Let’s work together to create a sustainable world and community for our and future generations. Small steps can make a big difference.

Student members: Harley, Olivia, Ashley, Oliwia, Michael, Owais, Langa, Iona, Kieran, Layla, Olivia, Emilia, Ella, Hannah, Olivia

Staff Ambassadors and Governors: Mrs Wild, Sophie Studholme, Emma Spivey, Maisie Goodwin, Kathryn Walker, Katerina Mehmood




I want my family and friends to live in a world that we can be proud of.


The planet effects everyone and that includes you.


Only we came up with ideas to make plastics that the oceans can't break down, to stop as much plastic going in the oceans.


If you want to get something done, you can't leave it to future generations.


I decided to be in Earthshot because I love the environment and I want to make a change.


One Planet, One Future.


Act today so there is a tomorrow.


This is our opportunity to help our planet, make our school eco-friendly, and create a better world.


The world will be fantastic if we use less plastic.