Meet the members

Here at Trinity Academy Grammar we are proud to be part of an organisation to ensure we are creating a brighter and safer future for our future generations. We hope our work within the Earthshot campaign will inspire more of our students to start to make a difference to help our environment.

Student members: Khadijah, Kamran, Isaac, Carmen, Mohammad, Tanish, Eliza, Finlay, Ahmed

Staff Ambassadors and Governors: Rebecca, Kylie


I want to make the environment a healthier and safer place.


I enjoy looking after the planet and inspire to be a farmer when I leave school.


I wanted to become an Earthshot ambassador to help improve the environment for future generations.


I’ve seen what is happening to the world, and I want to be able to make the change to improve this.


I am proud to be working within a community that are working to protect our planet.


As a young person I have seen the damage that has been caused to the planet. I want to make an impact on changing this.


I want to be a part of Earthshot because this is our world, and we have to protect it if we want a future for our children or there will be consequences for our actions.


I want to help my local community and my school as I believe that if you have the chance to make a difference then you should do it in any way that you can.


I joined the committee because the world is dying and it needs people to help repair it. It is our time to shine.


I care about the environment, and I want to help the world evolve for the better.


I care about nature and I have many ideas to help the school change.

Miss Ball

I am hoping the work we do with the students will inspire a change to all students in the school to make a cleaner environment for all.

Miss Morley

Being an Earthshot Ambassador means being a part of the positive future which is being carved out by our young people.


I want to work as part of a team to ensure a better world for everyone.


I want to be successful in helping the wellbeing of the students within the Academy and the local community.