Meet the members

At Trinity Cathedral Academy we believe ‘Everything is possible for one who believes’, so we are actively bringing about the change we want to see through our promotion of sustainability and green education within our school and community. We aim to empower and enthuse our young people to be active green citizens who live out our core values to inspire change. Our Earthshot eco committee is excited to take part in this decade of change with our MAT and diocese to create our climate champions for today and tomorrow.

Student members: Olivia
Maya, Lexie, Lexi, Grace, Angel, Marlii, Jack, Dylan, Ava, Archie, Barira, Lydia, Chloe, Jenakai, Logan, Olivia, Josie, Nicole, Marley, Cain, Cody, Tofunmi, Alisha, Chloe, Kaylee, Alexander, Haddy.
Staff Ambassadors and Governors: Mrs Miriam Kearney, Mrs Maria Stead, Mr John Hanson


Stop searching for other planets when we don't look after this one; there is no plan B.


If we don't take action now, our blessed animals and plants will be gone.


Planet Earth is there to be enjoyed, my mission is to ensure future generations can enjoy it too.


The world is changing but not for the better. I've applied for this to turn the tables together.


I am interested in Earthshot to help tackle climate change and support our environment.


I joined to help our planet, to put an end to plastic pollution so that humans are safe.


I joined Earthshot to help protect the world now and for the future by stopping pollution.


Together, I think the world can change but today that all starts with one.


I want to change how people think about climate change and how it effects us.


We are putting the lives of plants, animals and humans at more risk if we don't protect our planet.


I believe this give our school the opportunity to bring about change through litter picks.


We need to save our home and animals, and with our committee we can do that!


I joined Earthshot to help tackle climate change and plastic pollution.


I joined after hearing what our MAT had to say and I was inspired to take action together.


I joined the committee to make a difference and protect our planet, our home.


I am interested in saving wildlife and their homes, especially marine life and their habitats.


I am interested in getting rid of plastic litter in the environment and stopping global warming.


I wish to help raise awareness about the benefits of sustainable healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.


The Earth belongs to us, it is our responsibility to take care of what is ours.


We have a duty to save the world for the next generation.


I want to help change the world because I want to change how people see the world.


I am interested in changing the world by making the environment eco-friendly.


I would like to not only inspire myself but others to learn about how to protect our Earth.


Earthshot aims to improve the world globally and the world as a community is our responsibility.


I joined the committee because we need to make space, where humans and nature can live together.


A healthy ocean can combat climate change but fragile ecosystems are damaged daily.


I wanted to be a part of our MAT Earthshot to change all the problems in the world.


I want to make our school greener and inspire our younger students to do so too.

Mrs Maria Stead

Our students inspired me to join, to protect their future and to empower them to achieve their pledges.

Mrs Miriam Kearney

I am passionate about empowering students to protect and preserve the planet both for them and future generations.