Meet the members

At Trinity Academy Akroydon we dream a dream that one day the Oceans are free from plastic so that the animals can live happily. We dream a dream that the air is clean and clear for us all to breath. We dream a dream that waste is reduced, reused and recycled by all. We dream a dream that communities come together to work as a team to help save our planet!

Student members: Evelyn, Sonny, Nina, Nellie, Lacie, Scarlett, James, Bobbie, Ollie, Phoebe, Jessica

Staff Ambassadors and Governors: Miss Barnes, Mr Whelan, Miss Kirkley, Mrs Barker, Mrs Kelly, Miss Midgley, Mrs Wray



The reason I am excited to be on the committee is because I love planting trees to provide fresh air.


I would love to grow more flowers and trees to try and save the bees and other endangered animals.


I am excited to be on the committee so I can help make a change to our community.


I would like to help the school recycle by buying recycling bins which will protect the soil and animals.


I wanted to be on the committee so I can protect the animals by teaching people to pick up their litter.


I want to make a positive change to our community to make it a healthier place to live.


I want to help the environment and stop people littering as it’s not good for the earth.


I want to help the world so it doesn’t die and all the people can live happily.


I want to save the planet by picking up rubbish.

Mrs Barker

I want to be able to learn from the children and encourage their creativity.

Mrs Kelly

My role model growing up was Steve Irwin and I always loved his passion for helping animals and our planet.

Miss Barnes

I want to share a space where children and adults can work alongside each other to better the planet.